3 June 2024

New artwork displayed in Wimmera Cancer Centre’s Dialysis unit has provided inspiration to more than just those viewing it.

When Dialysis Associate Nurse Unit Manager Cath Tischler saw a picture of Aboriginal artwork Flow and Thrive from Kidney Health Australia she liked it so much that she decided to get it reproduced into a Perspex wall feature.

The artwork had been commissioned through the Caring for Australian and New Zealanders with Kidney Impairment (CARI) Group from an unknown artist.

Ms Tischler said the artwork had proved immensely popular with staff and dialysis patients and now other dialysis centres were learning of it and wanting to do a similar display.

Flow and Thrive represents the many stages of living with a kidney condition. The turbulent waters symbolise the challenges that kidney patients face, the mangroves remind us of the resilience and strength needed and the sunrise is a sign of hope.

The boats in the river represent the family, friends and support network while medical practitioners and clinicians are also represented in the art.

Dialysis art
Pictured admiring the Flow and Thrive artwork is
Dialysis clinical nurse specialist Je Vic Solante.