Interested in becoming a Community Advisor?

What matters to you, matters to us.

We would like to hear about the healthcare experiences of our patients, residents, clients, family member and carers. We recognise that hearing your voice is vital to improving the care and services we provide at WHCG.

 With this focus in mind, we are implementing a new community program through our recently appointed community engagement advisor Sally Kruger. This program will enable community members from across the Wimmera to participate. You will help us to understand what it is like to receive care and services at WHCG and give us feedback and advice on what we can do differently.

 As a community advisor, you can provide feedback, make suggestions or support programs that will help improve our services. Your involvement can be as big or as small as you like. You don’t have to live nearby to be involved. If you live remotely, you only need access to a computer to make a difference.

 To find out more about how you can be involved, continue reading:


Partnering with our Community

Grampians Health: Horsham and Dimboola Campuses are committed to working in partnership with the Wimmera Community to improve the quality and safety of the care and services we provide, to improve each person’s healthcare experience and to improve health outcomes. We embrace the opportunity to partner with you and we see our roles in participating as equally important.

What is a Community Advisor?

Grampians Health: Horsham and Dimboola Campuses have established a Community Advisor Network to support us to work together.

A Community Advisor is someone with an interest in sharing their experience, knowledge, feedback, ideas and suggestions and becoming an active partner in improving the care and services we provide. They may have an interest in improving health outcomes and healthcare experience, had personal experience accessing our care or services or be a family member, carer or close friend of someone who has used, is using or may need to use our services in the future.

How can you be involved?

We offer a range of opportunities for your participation:

  • Review brochures, fact sheets, patient information leaflets, and website information and providing us with your feedback
  • Attend focus groups, forums and workshops about a specific aspect of care or service delivery
  • Attend committee meetings (held regularly and ongoing) and provide a community perspective to the discussions
  • Participate in project groups or working groups about planning for improvements or changes in how we provide services
  • Participate in reviews of serious incidents or sentinel events
  • Share your experience of our health service so we can understand more about the care and service we provide
  • Participate in training activities for our team members through sharing your lived-experience to increase our team members awareness, knowledge, insights and skills
  • Participate on recruitment interview panels to bring a service user perspective to the process

The Community Advisor role is voluntary and participation is based on your individual preference, experience, knowledge, preferred method of involvement and availability. We value the opportunity to learn about your experiences, expectations and gain feedback and advice on what we can do differently.

We welcome the participation of people who are Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, the LGBTQIA+ community, people from culturally and linguistically diverse communities and people with disabilities.

If you are interested in becoming a Community Advisor or if you would like to know further details about this exciting opportunity please contact Sally Kruger, Community Engagement Advisor.

Contact – Sally Kruger
Community Engagement Advisor

(03) 5381 9035
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