Service Contact Details

 6 Read St,  Horsham,  Vic,  3400 

Tel: 03 5381 9348     Fax: 03 5381 9380

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Service Description/Overview

The Pre-admission clinic assists in planning a streamlined admission for patients undergoing elective surgical procedures. It provides an opportunity for patients to discuss any concerns and will organise any necessary tests to be completed prior to the actual admission.

Information about covid testing for patients undergoing elective surgery.

This service assesses patient's health prior to the surgery date, provides education about surgical procedures and pain management to the patient and their family and can liase with other services for the purpose of commencing discharge planning.

Additional Information

8am - 4.30pm Monday - Thursday (appointment required)
8am - 12noon Friday - No appointments

Area Serviced

Wimmera Region


Elective Surgical Admissions - Surgeon Referral