Service Contact Details

Please use the following details to contact this service directly:
Arapiles Building, Baillie St, Horsham, Vic, 3400
Tel: 03 5381 9333     Fax: 03 5381 9330

Service Description/Overview

Podiatry involves the prevention, diagnosis and management of a diverse range of foot and lower limb disorders.

The following services are provided by WHCG Podiatry:

  • Biomechanical (gait) assessment.
  • Orthotic prescription and manufacture.
  • Paediatric gait assessment.
  • Lower limb wound assessment and management.
  • Footwear education.
  • Diabetes foot assessments.
  • High risk foot clinic.
  • Partial nail avulsion surgery (for suitable candidates).

Additional Information

8.00am – 4.30pm, Monday – Friday.


Fees apply

Area Serviced

Wimmera region. Services are predominantly delivered from WHCG Horsham campus. A wound clinic operates from the Dimboola campus.


A medical criteria exists for clients to be eligible for high risk services.