Wimmera people living with chronic heart failure can access a new series of Heart Foundation videos to help them manage their condition.

Wimmera Health Care Group nurse and heart care coordinator Kellie Afford said the Living Well with Heart Failure videos would benefit patients and their family and friends.

"The videos will help patients understand their condition better and help them to realise that chronic heart failure is manageable," Ms Afford said.

"They will also help educate and empower people with heart failure to recognise if their symptoms are worsening," she said.

"There are seven short animated videos in the series so they are easy to watch and follow."

Ms Afford said the Heart Foundation commissioned for the videos after consultation with health professionals and heart failure consumer groups.

"The general consensus was that animated videos would aid self-management of heart failure patients," she said.

"Chronic heart failure is basically a pump problem.

"The heart becomes bigger or weaker and doesn’t pump blood properly to all the veins which means you end up feeling more tired and less energetic."

Ms Afford coordinates an eight-week program specifically for people living with chronic heart failure.

"The program helps you to manage your heart and keep you living well at home," she said.

"It includes one hour of exercise and one hour of education.

"Anyone living with chronic heart failure is welcome to attend the program.

"In the meantime, watching the videos is a great start."

Patients wanting to enroll in the program can find out more by phoning 5381 9333.

The Living Well with Heart Failure videos are available on the webpage: hrt.how/heartfailure

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