23 January 2024

Graduating Horsham College student Tess Jones is taking advantage of a GAP year from her studies to save up some wages for an overseas trip.

Tess is one of a handful of students working in a variety of roles at Grampians Health to make best use of their GAP year after completing their VCE certificates. As well as working with the Wimmera Base Hospital’s catering team, she also has plans to travel to America and Europe this year to visit family.

Tess has an interest in Marine Biology and has applied for courses in Queensland and Deakin Victoria. She said she was enjoying working in the kitchen and planned to develop her work skills while she was employed at Grampians Health.

“I have the opportunity during my GAP year to earn some money that I can use for travelling and going to university next year,” she said.

Another Horsham College student Marli Pymer will study occupational therapy at Geelong’s Deakin University in 2024 but is getting an early understanding of the health industry while working as a kitchen hand in Wimmera Nursing Home.

Marli, who has worked previously as a junior in the kitchen, said she planned to work casually during 2024 which would allow her to combine study with work during term breaks and when she isn’t studying.

“Working at the hospital allows me to help pay for my accommodation at university and offset my living expenses,” Marli said.

“I enjoy working in the kitchen. The staff are very welcoming and fun to work with. I have learnt a lot working at the hospital.”

Careers advisor Andrew Vague said Grampians Health was looking for students to fill placements in hospitality and kitchen, administration and linen services.

“Working at the Horsham campus give students the opportunity to work in a large health service provider before undertaking their university studies,” Mr Vague said.

“It’s a great introduction to the working world and they get a good understanding of expectations and employee obligations and rights.”

Grampians Health is looking for students to fill placements in Hospitality and Kitchen, Administration, Laundry and Linen Services. To find out more about employment opportunities at Grampians Health go to: https://bhs.mercury.com.au/SearchResults.aspx

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