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Wimmera Cancer Centre patients are finding comfort from the soothing sounds of a new reverie harp.


Staff members at Horsham Rural City Council donated the harp using funds they raised from the sale of old uniforms. HRCC’s Sue Frankham said once uniforms were handed back, staff could purchase them and the funds raised were donated to charity.

The Reverie harp is a music therapy instrument in pentatonic tuning which means anybody can play it and make a pleasant tune because there are no wrong notes. The harp emits a very soothing sound with a long sustain.

Wimmera Cancer Centre manager Carmel O’Kane said the unique sustain resulted from its steel strings.

“The strings feel nice to play and the vibrations spread through your body, Ms O’Kane said.

“We’ve used them here before and there isn’t anyone who doesn’t enjoy the sound it makes,” she said.


Caption: Ryder Stonehouse plays a tune on the reverie harp with help from mum Thalia Gray and her fellow HRCC staff members Susan Surridge, Sue Frankham and Diana McDonald and cancer centre manager Carmel O’Kane, second from left.


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