Wimmera Health Care Group will start demolishing buildings this week to make way for the new Wimmera Cancer Centre.

Acting CEO Mark Knights said two buildings on the corner of Robinson and Arnott Streets will be demolished and the site cleared.

"As we have previously announced, the chosen site for the new Wimmera Cancer Centre is on the corner of Arnott and Robinson Streets. The two properties were already owned by Wimmera Health Care Group. The next step is to demolish them, clear the site and then work can start on the centre later in the year," Mr Knights said.

"We expect the contractors will complete the demolition by the end of March. We understand this may cause some noise or inconvenience to nearby residents and we have spoken to them and apologise for any inconvenience."

Mr Knights said the demolition works mark the start of a new and exciting chapter for Wimmera Health Care Group.

"Getting the site cleared is the first visual step in the Wimmera Cancer Centre becoming a reality," he said.

"Once the site is cleared and when work commences on the building, we will all be able to see the community’s hard work with fundraising start to pay off."

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