Wimmera Health Care Group (WHCG) is celebrating being a breastfeeding friendly workplace this ‘World Breastfeeding Week’.

WHCG lactation consultant Jenny Bull said promoting breastfeeding friendly workplaces was a goal of this year’s World Breastfeeding Week which is from August 1 to 7.

Mrs Bull said returning to work doesn’t have to be the end of breastfeeding.

“There is no reason why a mother returning to work couldn’t continue breastfeeding. She should be able to express and store the breastmilk before going home at the end of the day,” Mrs Bull said.

“We have several mothers at WHCG who express once or twice a day and really it is only 10-15 minutes out of their work day.”

Mrs Bull said it was important mothers felt supported at work and were given a clean and private environment to express.

“We don’t want mothers hiding away in toilets to express. A closed door office is all that is needed and some fridge space,” she said.

“Work places these days know the value of happy and supported employees and how much more productive staff are when they feel valued- this is an easy way for employers to support their staff.

“At WHCG we offer breastfeeding mothers an office in Yandilla if they don’t have anywhere appropriate to express in their department.

“We encourage all local businesses to have the discussion with mothers returning to work and make sure they offer support to help mothers keep breastfeeding.”

Chantelle Cook returned to work at WHCG this week and said being supported to express at work for her seven month old son Archer made her decision to return to work easier.

“Knowing that I was welcome to express at work was really important for me and has allowed me to return to work at this stage,” Mrs Cook said.

“I congratulate WHCG on being such a supportive workplace and I hope other employers consider making their workplace breastfeeding friendly.”

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