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Wimmera Health Care Group received a Certificate of Excellence from the Department of Health and Human Services for extraordinary efforts vaccinating staff against influenza in 2015.

Hospitals were given a target of 75% of staff receiving their influenza vaccine. Wimmera Health Care Group’s executive staff and infection control staff decided to not only reach this target, but surpass it for the benefit of not only staff but the clients and patients they care for.


Chief executive Chris Scott said the hard work of infection control staff meant the organisation well surpassed the target with 90.1 % of staff receiving their vaccination in 2015.

“This impressive figure meant less staff, their families, patients and visitors were put at risk of the main strains of influenza,” Mr Scott said.

“Vaccinations are important for all members of the community and as a major health service provider it is important we set a strong example.”

Mr Scott presented Wimmera Health Care Group’s infection control co-ordinator Jan Spencer with the Certificate of Excellence and commended her team on their efforts.

“Reaching 90.1% is a fantastic result and one we hope to replicate,” Mrs Spencer said.

“Having such strong support from the executive staff made reaching this target easier.”

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