Wimmera Health Care Group’s residential aged care facilities are launching a new person-centred model of care program to improve the involvement of residents and their families.
Residential aged care program manager Robyn English said one of the main parts of the model of care is having ‘named nurses’.

Mrs English said the change will see each nurse dedicated to one or two residents who they will be responsible for.
She said the responsibility will include more involvement with the resident and their family for their care plan and their leisure activities, among other services.
“This means the resident and their family will know who to speak to if they have any questions or want anything changed. It really improves the communication and enhances the care for the resident,” Mrs English said.
“Above that ‘named nurse’ there is a registered nurse who is responsible for a cluster of nurses. It creates a good flow of information and gives accountability.”
The program has been introduced as part of a broader model of care project implemented in conjunction with Ernest and Young Consultants.
Mrs English said staff have embraced the program.
“The staff are really enjoying the way the new program allows them more one-on-one time with residents and their families.”

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