‘Butt Out Day’ brought forward to April 13

In line with State Government changes to smoking legislation, Wimmera Health Care Group is moving ‘Butt Out Day’ forward to April 13, 2015.

Director of Clinical Services Don McRae said the organisation went smoke free for staff and visitors in July 2013, and had planned to make the entire site smoke free, including for patients, on July 1 this year.


“Changes to the Tobacco Act 1987 mean it will be illegal to smoke on the grounds of, or within four metres of a public hospital entrance from April 13,” Mr McRae said.

“This means Wimmera Health Care Group will have ‘Butt Out Day’ on Monday, April 13, in a bid to protect more people from the effects of second hand smoke.”

Mr McRae said as a health care organisation, Wimmera Health Care Group celebrated the changes under the Tobacco Amendment Act 2014, and hopes it will further highlight the dangers of smoking and encourage more people to quit.

“The dangers of smoking are well known and acknowledged, so making it illegal to smoke in places such as hospitals and schools are steps in the right direction,” he said.

“But we are also well aware of the problems of addiction and will be actively supporting our patients who have a smoking addiction while they are in hospital.

“Patients coming in for surgery will receive brochures about our no smoking policy and ways in which they may be able to quit or reduce their dependence before attending hospital.

“We also have a procedure for all our health care professionals to assess patients who smoke and their level of nicotine dependence and how they can be assisted during their stay.”


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