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Any complaints, compliments or suggestions can help us improve

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Message from our Deputy Chief Operating Officer Hospitals/Wes

As a user of our health service, you play an important role by giving us feedback about the care and services you receive so that we can improve to make your experience better. We want to serve you in the best possible way and that means knowing what you want and need so that we can meet your expectations. Your views help us look at what we currently do and ask ourselves - can we do it better?
Carolyn Robertson (DCOOH/West)

Informal Feedback

What happens to the feedback on this form?

Feedback or complaints can be made using this ‘Community Member Feedback’ form or you can write a letter or call us direct on 53819331.

No matter how big or small your concern is we want to listen and help you.

When you fill in this form we will reply with your best contact details you provide us .We will call you on the phone (if you provide your details) to talk to you about your concerns once they are communicated to the appropriate Manager for follow up and review

I wish to print out and fill in a form. What do I do after I fill in the form?

  • Download the form here, then
  • Hand it to a staff member, or
  • Place it in the ‘consumer feedback’ box at a reception area in the hospital.

If you would like a formal written reply to a complaint or any concern please inform us on this form or in the letter you send to us at;

Consumer Advocate
Grampians Health
C/O  83  Baillie Street
Horsham , 3400

If you are unable to write please contact the Consumer Advocate who will assist you.
(03) 5381 9331

What if I am not satisfied with the response I receive?

If you still have concerns or need further assistance and advice you may contact the following:

Disability Service Commissioner
Telephone: 1300 728 187 or
1800 6773 42
 Victorian Equal Opportunity &
Human Rights Commission

Telephone: 1300 292 153
Health Services Commissioner
Telephone: 1300 582 113 
 Aged Care Complaints Commissioner
Telephone: 1800 550 552
 Office of the Public Advocate
Telephone: 1300 309 337
Elder Rights Advocacy
Telephone: (03) 9602 3066 or 1800 700 600