15 April 2024

Since moving to Horsham from Geelong during COVID, Peter Anthony has been a regular volunteer at Grampians Health, driving patients and clients to various appointments across the Wimmera and beyond.

Now Peter is taking on a new challenge as Horsham’s first volunteer in the Emergency Department. Grampians Health volunteer coordinator Kellie McMaster said Peter was working a few shifts each week to get a better understanding of how to develop his role.

“At this stage he is providing support to whoever needs it including team members, patients and their families,” Ms McMaster said.

“He is making coffees and teas, serving up meals, helping with changing beds and any small job that is non-clinical and within his skillset.

“The eventual plan is for Peter to become a team leader for that role so that when other volunteers start working there, he will be able to provide them guidance and support in the role."

ED acting nurse unit manager Delilah Brennan said Peter was doing a wonderful job and fitting in well with the team.

Peter said he was loving the change and found the Emergency environment fascinating.

“It’s only when you get in here that you see what an incredible job the team does,” he said.

“I’ve really enjoyed it, but I also want to continue with the volunteer driving as well because I enjoy that too.”

Grampians Health Chief People Officer Claire Woods said Peter’s support was a wonderful example of how building relationships to deliver the best outcomes helps us to be stronger together.

If you know someone who would enjoy a volunteering role at Grampians Health, please call Kellie on 5381 9347 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

To learn more about volunteering at Grampians Health, please visit our website.

ED Horsham Peter
Volunteer Peter Anthony helps ED registered
nurse Anna Tepper to change bedding.