Wimmera Health Care Group’s security manager has an important message for anyone who becomes violent or aggressive at the hospital.

"You're on camera."

The entire security team is now fitted with body worn cameras to assist our security team in decreasing the incidents of occupation violence and aggression at WHCG.

WHCG security manager Matthew Mellington said there had been a disturbing increase in occupational violence and aggression incidents in 2020.

“We are looking at extra measures to provide safety for our team members and the community so the implementation of body worn cameras will be a great assistance in deterring OVA,” Mr Mellington said.

“People are going to think twice about their behaviour if they are aware they are being filmed,” he said.

“Studies have shown that situations have deescalated once people realised they were on film.”

Mr Mellington said body worn cameras had been used successfully by other Victorian health services including regional services.

“The cameras will help to protect people but they will also be used to provide evidence to the Victorian Police to help charge any offenders who demonstrate violence or aggression,” he said.

“There are strict protocols that must be adhered to when recording but the recorded evidence may be used by the police in a court of law.”

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