Wimmera Health Care Group’s Paul Mark won the Aged Care Leadership Award during Celebrating Aged Care Week.

 Mr Mark is a registered nurse at the Wimmera Nursing Home and was nominated for the award after organising a palliative care resident to spend her last days with her husband by her side.

 "The resident’s husband was recovering from major surgery in Melbourne, under the care of the Alfred Hospital and hadn’t seen his wife for months," Mr Mark said.

 "It was a privilege to be able to help this family.

 "If it was my wife, I would want to be by her side in her final days."

 Organising this involved liaising with staff at the Alfred Hospital, organising patient transport, a doctor to admit him at Wimmera Health Care Group, re-arranging furniture to make a double room so the couple could spend her last days together.

 Wimmera Health Care Group director of clinical services Don McRae said this was a prestigious award for Mr Mark and the organisation.

 "There were over 50 nominees for this award, which was short listed to three," Mr McRae said.

 "Of those three nominees, the other two were recognised senior managers.

 "For Paul to get an award like this so early in his career is an outstanding achievement.

 "His passion and commitment for his work is obvious and completely aligns with our organisation strategic goals and trademark behaviours.

 "We’re excited for Paul and proud to have young emerging leaders like him at Wimmera Health Care Group."

 Paul’s acceptance speech message was that if we advocate for people we can make things happen.

 "It’s a shame the award could only go to one person," Mr Mark said.

 "All the staff involved were accepting and everyone felt really good that we could make this happen."

 The couple’s daughter Jodie Rae said the family was extremely appreciative they could all be together during the deeply sad time.

 "With dad being ill in Melbourne for months prior to mum being terminal, it was very special to have all of the family together," Mrs Rae said.

 "The staff were fantastic and Paul in particular is a genuinely caring person.

 "We couldn’t have asked for anyone better."

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