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Architects have completed the initial concept drawings for the Wimmera Cancer Centre.

Wimmera Health Care Group chief executive Chris Scott said the milestone was a big step towards starting construction next year.

Mr Scott said the Wimmera Cancer Centre Project Control Group had a preferred site selected for the centre, pending planning approvals.

"The preferred site is on the corner of Arnott and Robinson Street on properties already owned by Wimmera Health Care Group overlooking Jadwa Park. The site is subject to planning approvals," Mr Scott said.

"One of the reasons we selected that site and took the centre away from the acute units at the hospital was to help normalise as much as possible the experience of chemotherapy and dialysis treatments for our patients."

Mr Scott said architects Baade Harbour had completed initial drawings which the user group would provide feedback on.

"The drawings are just the initial concept, so there is a lot more work to be done. We can say the drawings do include a non-denominational spiritual area opening onto a courtyard, a wellness centre, treatment areas and a number of counselling and consulting rooms," he said.

Mr Scott said with fundraising progressing so well, it was positive to see the design phase commencing too.

"Our plan is to continue to work towards a goal of starting construction in the first half 2017."

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