Service Contact Details

Arapiles Building

83 Baillie Street   Horsham   Vic   3400

Ph: 03 5381 9333

Service Description/Overview

Pulmonary Rehabilitation

The Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program is for people with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD).

The Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program offers exercise and education to improve your breathing. With education and exercise you can slowly improve your ability to do things again.

Held twice weekly for 8 weeks


Respiratory Services

Respiratory Services aims to help you to:

¨ Improve your quality of life

¨ Increase your ability to exercise

¨ Have more self-control of your lung disease

¨ Decrease the chance of your symptoms getting worse



The asthma service is for children and young adults up to the age of 21 years. The service offers assessment and education to improve your asthma.


Small fees apply for pulmonary rehabilitation.

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No referral required