Wimmera Health Care Group has overhauled its website with the help of community members.

Acting CEO Mark Knights said the new website, at the same address of www.whcg.org.au, was reviewed by a range of consumers and their feedback was taken into account with all aspects of the new design.

"We are an organisation that is here solely for the benefit of the community, so we wanted to ensure our website suited the needs and wants of that community," Mr Knights said.

"We called for feedback from the community on our facebook site and also held a workshop with community members where every page was reviewed.

"Some major changes include the general design, colour and layout, as well as making sections easier to identify with photos or larger visual links.

"More information is available than ever before- as an example we now update the number of days until specific radiology appointments are available on a daily basis."

Mr Knights said the website was constantly evolving and the organisation welcomed further feedback from the community.

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