Wimmera Health Care Group would like to remind community members what to bring if you attend the Emergency Department.

Not all Emergency Department attendances allow for planning, such as accidents and emergencies, when people are away from home or arrive by ambulance.

When you do have an opportunity to bring items, nurse unit manager Bernadette Ryan asks people to think about current medication and even toys for children.

"In general, all patients should bring their medications or a list of medications they are currently taking," Ms Ryan said.

"If parents are bringing in a baby, it is very useful to have their baby book from the Maternal and Child Health Nurses as well as any feeders, nappies and wipes."

Ms Ryan said older children could use a new iPad set up in the waiting room to help keep them entertained while they wait to see a doctor.

"We do have an iPad now but we still advise parents to bring toys or books in case it is already in use," she said.

"And if you do bring snacks and a drink, please check with nursing staff if the child is allowed to drink or eat before giving it."

Ms Ryan advised information will not be provided over the phone and having a contact person to relay information back to, instead of having large numbers of people in the waiting room or calling for information, was encouraged.

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