A new car park at Wimmera Health Care Group’s Horsham campus has opened in a bid to reduce the pressure on prime parking spots for patients and visitors at the main entrance.


Health care group chief executive Chris Scott said the additional 88 off-street parking spaces were developed after the purchase of land in Arnott Street and are one part of the organisation’s parking improvement strategy.

“Wimmera Health Care Group continues to grow and expand its services to the broader region - car parking for travelling members of the public is critical to ensure timely access, not only for patients, but for visiting friends and relatives,” Mr Scott said.

“This is a critical issue for rural and regional people who have limited access to public transport.

“These extra parking spaces away from the main hospital entrances will alleviate pressure on the on-street parking. In addition, the off-street parking between the Emergency Department and the Arapiles Building is now dedicated for patient and visitor only.”

Mr Scott said in 2013 in collaboration with Horsham Rural City Council off street parking spaces were also made available in Davey Street while the hospital purchased two dwellings in Arnott Street to facilitate the car park expansion.

Mr Scott said the organisation had received feedback from the community regarding parking issues and has responded to those concerns.

“We value feedback and we have listened to the community and improved the parking at Wimmera Health Care Group.”

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