Wimmera Health Care Group has joined a state wide initiative to help staff improve their health.

Healthy Together Victoria Achievement Program is a program run by the Department of Health and Human Services which aims to get businesses to improve the health of their staff by targeting five key areas; physical activity, healthy eating, mental health, smoking and drugs and alcohol.


Wimmera Health Care Group has met the first requirement of the program and is now recognised as an official participant. Health care group chief podiatrist and Health and Wellbeing Committee chair Hannah McKinlay said the recognition meant the group had already made significant inroads to improve staff health.

Ms McKinlay said the committee worked to produce a ‘Health Promotion Charter’ to ensure staff health was a top priority across the organisation.

“As an organisation we have already put a range of measures in place to ensure staff don’t inhale second hand smoke and that staff wishing to quit smoking have adequate support,” Ms McKinlay said.

“We are now focusing heavily on improving mental health and wellbeing for all staff. Our other main areas of focus in the immediate future will be healthy eating, with an audit of the kiosk underway and also physical activity, with standup desks being trialed and staff walking groups.” 

Ms McKinlay said the committee would continue to develop a range of other measures aimed at improving staff health and was open to sharing those ideas with other businesses.

“We hope to set a good example to other businesses of how they can improve the health of their staff. That is a major aim of the program, employees and employers working together to improve the overall health of an organisation.”

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