A Wimmera Cancer Centre Fundraising Sub-Committee has been formed and will commence work this month.
The committee is made up of members of the community, members of the Wimmera Cancer Centre Project Steering Committee and Wimmera Health Care Group staff.

Community members on the committee are Jenny Clayton, Robyn Lardner and Rachel Littore. Members of the steering committee who are on the fundraising sub-committee are Penelope Manserra, Denise Leembruggen, Bill Ower and Richard Goudie. Staff members on the committee include Don McRae, Amelia Crafter and Lisa Maroske.
Ms Clayton has experience raising funds for cancer related charities and is excited to help make the Wimmera Cancer Centre a reality.
“I have personally been touched by cancer and a few years ago helped raise money for the cancer research centre in Ballarat,” Ms Clayton said.
“I am passionate about it and I can see the need for this new centre in Horsham and I am really excited to be part of the team that will help make it happen.
“I feel honoured to be part of this, there is so much support already so I am looking forward to assisting the project.”
The sub-committee’s goal is to co-ordinate fundraising for the Wimmera Cancer Centre project.
Meetings will be held monthly from May 14 and the sub-committee will report back to the Wimmera Cancer Centre Project Steering Committee.
Wimmera Health Care Group chief executive Chris Scott said he was very pleased with the expressions of interest received from community members wanting to be involved in the project.

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