Wimmera Health Care Group hosted two community health and wellbeing forums this week to help plan for the community’s future.

The forums, on Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning at the Dimboola Day Centre, were facilitated by Dr Kaye Knight and attended by more than 90 people over the two sessions.


Dr Knight asked the people who attended the forum a series of questions, including how did they want the community’s health and wellbeing to look in 20 years and what could be done to get it there?

“We need to look at health and wellbeing as a whole, services are central in people’s minds, but it is about the actual people,” Dr Knight said.

“It is about the type of services the community needs, looking at forward thinking and what is the future of the community.”

Several issues highlighted included having healthier lifestyles and reducing the instances of diabetes, heart conditions and cancer.

Wimmera Health Care Group chief executive Chris Scott addressed the forum and thanked everyone for their insight.  

Mr Scott also took the opportunity to answer community concerns regarding bed use at the hospital and having a doctor in the community.

“We are really pleased with the level of feedback and we would like to do this more regularly so we can best meet the needs of the Dimboola community,” Mr Scott said.

“All of this information will be used by the executive and the Board of Management for strategic planning and we will continue to engage with the community as well.”

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