The Blue Ribbon Foundation van, along with Constable T Bear and Buff the Police Dog Puppy, rolled into town earlier this month to attend the Wimmera Machinery Field Days.

Horsham’s Blue Ribbon Foundation Committee Members were on hand to talk to people about their upcoming fundraising events and raise awareness of the important link between the Foundation and the Wimmera Health Care Group Emergency Department.

Wimmera Health Care Group Chief Executive Chris Scott said the Blue Ribbon Foundation plays an important role in the community.

“The Blue Ribbon Foundation raises significant funds each year in support of the emergency department at Wimmera Health Care Group. The Foundation’s purpose is to recognize the 157 police officers who have lost their lives in the line of duty. Contributing to saving lives in the emergency department is a great way to honour their sacrifice.

“Wimmera Health Care Group has had an incredible journey with the Blue Ribbon Foundation. They have bought state-of-the-art patient trolleys, paid for monitors and refurbished the waiting room. We also have an emergency resuscitation unit that was dedicated as a Police Memorial in memory of Constable George Howell who died in the line of duty in 1952.

“Over 16,000 people attend Wimmera Health Care Group’s emergency department each year and they will all benefit from the work of the Blue Ribbon Foundation,” Mr Scott said.

The Horsham Blue Ribbon Foundation Committee holds a number of fundraising events each year including the ‘Crime Night’ at the end of June and the ‘Blue Ribbon Ball’ in August.

“The Crime Night is always popular and this year we will again be delving into the detective and forensic work behind solving a true crime. Coming along to these events is a fantastic opportunity for the local community to put something back into their Emergency Department,” Mr Scott said. 

The Horsham Blue Ribbon Foundation Committee has expressed its appreciation for the support it has received from the Wimmera Machinery Field Days in the form of a complimentary exhibit site at this year’s event.

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