There are a number of volunteering positions available at Wimmera Health Care Group. We support all our volunteers in their role and ensure they get the most out of their time at our organisation. For information on any of the positions, or for any other volunteer enquiries, please call our Volunteer Co-ordinator on 5381 9347. Alternatively, you can contact the Centre for Participation on 5382 5607.

Volunteer Administration Support: Patient Experience Tracking [PET]

This is a unique role assists Wimmera Health Care Group by surveying patients, past and present, capturing their answers to simple questions about their health care experience in a unique Wi-Fi enabled device. The volunteer will liaise closely with the Quality team to collect this important feedback. You will be giving back to your community by ensuring we develop a world class health facility with outstanding service.

Available in both Horsham and Dimboola.

Lifestyle Support Volunteer

Residential Aged Care Facilities can sometimes mean elderly residents become isolated from their community. As a volunteer in this vital role, you will bring social connection, friendship, a sense of community belonging and a host of other positive, life-enhancing joys into the lives of residents. You'll get to enjoy games, chit-chat, cuppas, helping in activities, crafts, hobbies and a host of other enjoyable pastimes. Lifestyle volunteers really do make a big difference as they help our residents have happy and entertaining every day experiences.

Available in both Horsham and Dimboola.

Volunteer Administration Support In Health Services

This volunteering position supports staff across different departments. Admin volunteers enhance the quality of service provided to clients and service users. They assist by typing up handwritten notes, uploading information into databases, assisting with typing and other basic administrative work. The role involves using computers, the Internet, and requires a regular weekly commitment. This is a role that is suitable for Centrelink mutual obligation recipients or those seeking to get back into the workforce.

Volunteer Musicians And Entertainers

Bring joy and pleasure into the lives of elderly people who don't always get the opportunity to enjoy concerts or entertainment in their communities. Bring your love of music, drama, theatre, poetry and books, film and puppetry to the Residential Aged Care Facility and set toes tapping with smiles for miles! Volunteer entertainers add laughter, life and joy to the everyday for our elderly citizens. Join them in song and banter.

Available in both Horsham and Dimboola.

Activities & Outings Volunteer For Elderly Men

This wonderful role brings heart and soul to our male residents in aged care facilities. You will be helping to run activities, drive small groups around the local sights, and laugh along with the men, connecting them with their memories of the past and to enjoy the company of others. A positive, happy and connected role where a volunteer can really give back. Volunteers will require a driver's licence for this role and may also participate as a WHCG Volunteer Driver if they wish.

Volunteer Health Services Driver

Volunteer Drivers provide a tremendous community service, assisting patients, clients, residents, service users to get to their medical and health support appointments. This role is vital to our health services and our volunteers report it to be very rewarding. Volunteers drive our state-of-the-art fleet vehicles and can travel up to 200km per trip. If you have an exemplary driving record and enjoy talking and assisting others, this role may be for you. This role is also a wonderful opportunity for those needing Centrelink mutual obligation hours.

Available in both Horsham and Dimboola.

Volunteer Food Angels

Mealtimes at WHCG residential facilities can be very busy. As a Food Angel you would be making a positive impact on the nutritional health and wellbeing of our elderly residents. Food Angels make sure residents have an easier, more enjoyable and pleasant experience during mealtime, actively encouraging residents to eat a good-sized meal and drink plenty.

Volunteer Concierge

Volunteer Concierge is a customer-service role that ensures our patients - and the public – will feel welcome, included and valued when using hospital services and programs. Volunteer Concierges will be the welcoming and friendly 'First Contact' point for patients, clients and their families and friends. These volunteers will provide information to patients and visitors, guiding them to the right staff and department. They will offer to assist wheelchair-bound visitors and patients to and from vehicles parked at the entrance or carry patient luggage where needed.