Excitement around new CT machine

Radiographers and physicians at Wimmera Base Hospital are excited about the installation of a brand new GE Revolution Maxima CT machine.

Wimmera Radiology has installed the new 128-slice CT which will improve imaging quality to support a variety of orthopaedic and surgical tasks. Chief radiographer Kristy Paine said the new CT had metal artefact reduction software for improved image quality in areas with orthopaedic or other metallic surgical devices.

“Even with an increase in image quality, the overall radiation dose to the patient is reduced,” Ms Paine said.

Surgeons are pleased that the new CT has 3D reconstruction capabilities which will aid in surgical planning by providing a better image with more detail.

Ms Paine said the CT also had artificial intelligence that aided in optimal patient positioning.

“With the old CT, if the patient was slightly out of position, even by a centimetre, the image quality would be affected,” she said.

“But this CT is capable of positioning itself perfectly to get the optimal quality in the image.”

Lumus Imaging which owns Wimmera Radiology, is training eight of its Horsham-based radiographers to be fully compliant with the new CT machine.

The new machine is in use from today.


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