New patient information boards are being installed at patient bedsides at Wimmera Health Care Group to help improve the flow of communication.

Acting director patient services Kym Peter said the ‘My Care Boards’ came about after a successful project by a graduate nurse group showed the communication boards helped initiate better conversations between patients, nurses and doctors.

“The boards are very clear and easy to read and provide prompts on specific care needs, food requirements, discharge planning, plan for the day and any other care questions,” Mr Peter said.

“The boards are updated regularly and also have basic information such as the expected date of going home and the nurse’s name.

“Having some information visibly available helps prompt conversations, stops questions being forgotten to be asked and makes life a little less confusing for the patient and their loved ones.”

Heather May was a patient at Wimmera Health Care Group recently and she was very happy with the new boards.

“I have found it a great help. It prompts the conversation and helps you remember some information and just having basic information like the nurse’s name makes your interactions a lot friendlier and natural,” Ms May said.

Mr Peter said communication was a major factor in providing safe and quality care.

“Something as simple as good communication is often what can be the difference between great quality care and not-so-great quality care,” he said.

“These boards are a simple idea which we hope will make a big difference.”

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