Wimmera Health Care Group is encouraging community members to get the flu shot.

Infection control co-ordinator Jan Spencer said the flu shot is one of the best ways to avoid the illness.

"Your flu shot also protects your family and friends, especially those who are more at risk of infection," Mrs Spencer said.

"Ideally, you need the flu shot each year as the flu strains continually change. You can’t get sick from the flu shot as it is not a live vaccine, it does however take two weeks to work."

Mrs Spencer said the flu was a potentially deadly illness and one Wimmera Health Care Group takes very seriously.

"Flu is more than a cold. Each year 2,800 Australians die from influenza and pneumonia," she said.

"To date, we have immunised more than 90% of our team members against influenza. That is 797 of 893 eligible team members, and doesn’t include the students on placement and volunteers we have also vaccinated.

"We recommend people contact their local doctor or local pharmacist and ask about getting a flu vaccination."

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