Wimmera Health Care Group is encouraging people to sign up for the H30 Challenge and consume only water as their drink for 30 days.

Community health manager Janine Harfield said the H30 Challenge is a VicHealth initiative aiming to get people to form better health habits.

“Switching to drinking only water, even for a short time, can lower your health risks, kick start weight loss and save money,” Ms Harfield said.

“The rules are simple: switch from sugary drinks to water for 30 days and reap the rewards. It’s not a fad diet and it costs nothing to take part. Signing up is easy and you can start whenever it suits you. All you have to do is commit to switching sugary drinks for water for 30 Days.”

When people sign up at wwww.h30challenge.com.au they will get a personalised dashboard keeping them in check with how many kilojoules, teaspoons of sugar and cash saved since starting the challenge. They can receive email updates, text messages, and get tips, tools and helpful advice.

“We all know water is the best drink for us to choose so this challenge will help kick start better habits when it comes to choosing drinks,” Ms Harfield said.

“We encourage people who sign up to list ‘Wimmera Health Care Group’ as their organisation, so we can see how many people took part locally.”

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