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Wimmera Health Care Group is asking the community to avoid visiting Wyuna sub-acute facility due to cases of influenza.

Acting CEO Mark Knights said there were currently two patient cases of influenza and several staff who have flu like symptoms.

 "In an effort to reduce the spread of infection, we are discouraging visitors from attending Wyuna at this time," Mr Knights said.

 "Unfortunately this year, the whole state has seen a large number of influenza cases and we are not immune from this."

 Mr Knights said anyone who does visit the facility is asked to follow signage and directions from staff regarding hand hygiene and other methods to reduce the risk of infection.

 "Most people who are generally healthy won’t need to see their doctor for the flu. Their immune system will fight the virus and their symptoms will usually clear up on their own," Mr Knights said.

 "If you think you have the flu, try to rest, maintain a good fluid intake, and manage your symptoms. This will help you recover and prevent dehydration.

 "Common influenza symptoms include a sudden high fever, dry cough, body aches and feeling weak and tired."

 People should however seek immediate medical attention if they experience any of the following symptoms:

difficulty breathing

chest pain

sudden dizziness


severe vomiting

fever with a rash.

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