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Wimmera Health Care Group has stopped stocking soft drinks at its kiosk.

Acting CEO Mark Knights said the decision to stop selling the popular, yet unhealthy, drinks was an easy one.

"There is no nutritional value in a soft drink. For us it was that simple. If a food or drink has no nutritional value, we should not be selling it," Mr Knights said.

"We have been reviewing our kiosk for 12 months and implemented a ‘Making Better Choices’ program which has included a range of changes, this is one of those changes and probably the most drastic.

"Soft drinks have slowly become a normal or common part of people’s diet but evidence shows they are contributing to a range of poor health outcomes, such as obesity, diabetes and dental issues."

Mr Knights said more organisations were choosing to stop selling soft drinks and he hoped Wimmera Health Care Group could set a strong example locally.

Wimmera Regional Sports Assembly partner with Wimmera Health Care Group on a range of programs and executive officer David Berry said the organisation’s decision to stop selling soft drinks was a big step towards better health outcomes for the community.

The assembly are also working with three local football/netball clubs on a trial to make water the drink of choice and are looking to expand to other community and sporting organisations.

"We congratulate Wimmera Health Care Group on this move. It is a major step forward and a great example for other businesses, organisations and clubs," Mr Berry said.

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