Wimmera Health Care Group is inviting the community to provide feedback on an Australian Government proposal to develop a Single Aged Care Quality Framework.

Health care group quality manager Katrina Perroud said the Australian Government is committed to the quality of care of older people and considers the health, safety and welfare of aged care recipients a high priority. 

As part of reforms to the aged care system, a proposed new Single Aged Care Quality Framework will include;

•A single set of aged care standards for all aged care services.

•A streamlined approach for assessing provider performance against quality standards.

•Improved information on quality to help consumers to make choices about the care and services they need.

“Consultation is key in making sure these changes meet the needs of consumers, so a paper has been released for people to view and give their feedback,” Mrs Perroud said.

“We would like people to go to the website and view the paper, or attend one of our consumer sessions and provide their valued feedback.”

The paper can be viewed and feedback can be supplied at: https://consultations.health.gov.au/aged-care-access-and-quality-acaq/single-quality-framework-assessing-performance/

Sessions will be held for resident representatives and their families at:

•WHCG Horsham Campus Conference Room, March 29, 6pm

•WHCG Horsham Campus Conference Room, April 4, 6pm

•WHCG Dimboola Campus Lalloween Lounge, April 5, 5.30pm

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