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Ph: 03 5381 9333

Community Strength Training and Community Low Intensity Program

Service Description/Overview

Wimmera Health Care Group and Planet Feel Good Health Club have partnered to provide people the opportunity to join in supervised exercise programs. The programs run twice a week for 10 weeks and include exercise and education sessions. The programs is planned to your own abilities so you can exercise safely.

Both the Community Resistance Strength Program and the Low Intensity Program aim to assist in steadying and reducing sugar levels, improve muscle tone, improve balance, increase energy, improve range of movement, improve confidence, meet new people, have fun and feel good.

Additional Information

Venue: Planet Feel Good

             21 Stawell Road            



Community Resistance Strength Program

Day: Wednesday and Friday

Time: 11am – 12pm

Low Intensity Program

Day: Wednesday and Friday                                                                                                                       

Time: 1pm – 2pm


Individual Exercise Programs

Service Description/Overview

This program offers short based exercise programs for people no wanting to exercise within a group. Participants are assessed by a Physiotherapist/Exercise Physiologist and nurse. The program can be delivered at the Community Rehabilitation Centre, the persons home, a community gym or water based exercises.

The aim of the prgram is to assist people in improving muscle tone, balance, increasing energy, improving range of movement and improving their confidence.

Additional Information

Programs usually run twice a week.


Fees apply

Area Serviced



You must have completed a rehabilitation program or an exercise program through the Community Rehabilitation Centre.

No gym membership required.